Who benefits from Armenophobia in Azerbaijan?

“Principles” of Baku propaganda and Armenian phobia

I often raised and will raise this topic. The situation in Azerbaijan will never changes because of constant propaganda and anti-Armenian hysteria. The government apparently gave a clear instruction to do everything to blacken Armenians in eyes of the people and constantly support hatred.

Excerpts from the article.

To discredit the politician in Azerbaijan, it is enough to accuse him of having links with Armenians, neutral attitude towards him or “expose” his Armenian roots. This method is effective enough to “blacken” the undesirable subject and political competitor. There are a lot of examples. The campaign launched in Azerbaijan against the writer Akram Ailisli for his  book “Stone Dreams” comes to mind, when the Writers’ Union of Azerbaijan called Ailisli a pro-Armenian writer, and Modern Musavat” party advertised to reward anyone who cuts off the writer’s ear.

Then the Azerbaijani media replicated the “terrible” dirt on the dismissed owner of the oligarchic company Azimport, Ex-head of the Administration of the Complex of the State Flag Square under the Cabinet of Ministers Rashad Mammadov. “As it turned out, Rashad Mammadov’s mother is Armenian by nationality. That’s it, a person who actually stood guard over the state symbols of Azerbaijan, is a semi-Armenian. Azerbaijan is at war with the “Armenians all over the world” and the Republic of Armenia. And the reason for the conflict is in its ethnic character “- Azerbaijani news agencies were smashed. Moreover, Rashad Mammadov himself, knowing the situation with Armenophobia in Azerbaijan, forged his mother’s documents, turning an Armenian woman into an Azeri woman. “He is ashamed and hides his Armenian roots,” they reproached him. (Thats pathetic!!! My comment)


The founder and editor-in-chief of the Azerbaijani newspaper “Gundelik Baku” Gabil Aliyev went even further, explained, that the mother of the former chairman of the medico-social expert commission N 24 Samukhsky district Amirkhan Aslanova – an Armenian woman named Knarik. He appealed to President Ilham Aliyev with a request to protect him during the trial on Aslanov’s lawsuit against Aliyev. The chief editor was sued. “If I participate again in the war, I will not spare even the Armenian children” , – Aliyev complained, urging everyone to follow the motto – “Let’s Say No to Every Armenian”.

(Source https://regnum.ru/news/polit/1959075.html ИА REGNUM.)

Is there is an exit from this situation?

I wanna say the string YES, but I cannot. The conflict between Armenians and Azerbaijanis has been going on since 1988 and the relations between people get worse and worse. I deliberately write that this is a conflict between peoples, and not between two neighboring countries. For the propaganda in Azerbaijan is aimed at the Armenian people not only Armenian republic. What kind of improvement can be discussed if a whole generation grew up in Azerbaijan, absorbing hatred for Armenians with mother’s milk. When textbooks for schoolchildren contain propaganda aimed at forming in the minds of children a clear definition of the enemy of the entire Azerbaijani people.

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